Tuesday 16 April 2013

Waste Time With Classic Sega.com Web Content

Here is a selection of classic Sega web content for you to peruse if you've got some time to kill. It's interesting (and occasionally really funny) to look back at all of this.

The archived version of Sega's site only goes back to the winter of 1996 (December 16 to be exact) and here was the logo they were using at the time. I love the quaint 3D lettering.

I wonder if J. Davis of Georgia ever got his Sega Saturn system? Or if this was one of those contests where you didn't actually get anything in the mail after months of waiting.

Fancy a shiny new NiGHTS into Dreams 
desktop theme courtesy of Sega? Click this
link to make all your 256 colour dreams come true: NiGHTS into Dreams theme


How about the NiGHTS into Dreams soundtrack as a digital download? And some free sample tracks to spur your interest? Here's a high definition rendition of the main theme for you.

While you're playing these awesome games why not
get the latest Netscape Navigator, right guys?!

If you have a browser that supports 
Shockwave (damn, I feel old) then you can
play some good old fashioned games in the Rec Room. What better way to kill some time than playing a 100x100 Shockwave version of NiGHTS into Dreams? 


As 1997 rolled around Sega's home on the
web underwent a little bit of a redesign.
Unfortunately a lot of links are broken on this
but the majority of images still load. 
How about some neat wallpapers that will
look really grainy and stretched out on your 

How do you feel about being scolded by Sarah Bryant while she tries to sell you
Fighters Megamix? Click on this 
link to hear it. Apparently this was run
as a commercial on the radio in the US
as well as being a curiosity to listen to
on the web. I can imagine back then it
took a couple of minutes to load this.

It looks like Sega got around to adding some new games around 1997. This one for Last Bronx is laughably bad. Check it out here.


It's April of 1997. You wake up, perhaps a bit
stiff from laying in a weird position. It's Sunday so you've decided to stay in and play some Sega Saturn because frankly; you've been behind on your gaming. Well, you sit down at your PC first to check your emails and after waiting five minutes for the internet to connect you finish replying to your email and then decide to check the news on Sega.com to 
see if any new great games are coming out soon. Then you see it: a competition to win Die Hard Arcade. It's not the competition to excites you though, it's not that.
It's the fact that finally someone has finally given you the opportunity to share your love of "flight simlators" with someone.  

 Sega apparently used to run a "service" called "Segagrams" which we would now simply  
call an e-card. Remember those things? Terrible HTML laden e-mails that took forever to open and then sang Happy Birthday to you in a chipmunk  voice while a GIF of monkeys humping looped endlessly on the screen? Actually that sounds awesome. 

So, that's just a taste of what classic Sega sites have in store for you. I suggest you check it out because like Segagrams, there is always something cheesy waiting around the corner.

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